OKEO has been the most innovative and proactive company in Australia for the last seven years in the Aqua industry. The introduction in the market of new professional tools for aqua fitness, such as the Water Dumbbell Diamond or the Hydro Barbell Wilma, allow Aquagym instructors to create new courses and new classes increasing the enjoyment of the participants. OKEO sells the best pool noodles on the Australian market and is a proud member of the Leisure Industry of WA (LIWA).

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AQQUATIX is the newest company in the swimming pool environment. Established in 2007, Aqquatix has already become a leader in the aqua fitness & swimming industry, selling its innovative equipments worldwide. Aqquatix has the largest range of water bikes, treadmills and cross country systems for aqua classes, aqua circuits and rehabilitation. The quality of the material used for swimming teaching is recognised by swim instructors as outstanding and long lasting.

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AKKUA has created a new way to think about and to practice sport at the gym, swimming pool and the beach - through the use of an innovative and technologically developed sock. In disciplines such as aqua fitness, yoga, pilates, rebounder, vibrating machine, beach volleyball, beach soccer, speedminton and most martial arts, feet are essential to maintain correct posture and balance, and consequently to perform correctly. In gyms, swimming pools and beaches Australia wide – Akkua socks bring you total safety, hygiene and comfort.

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Okeo has been the most innovative brand for both aqua gyms and swimming teaching aids in Australia for the last seven years. Because of the introduction of two fantastic new brands Aqquatix and Akkua, Okeo has grown to become Aquatic Agency.

Now in 2010, Aquatic Agency’s wide range of traditional aqua dumbbells, floating belts, webbed gloves and pool noodles has been enriched by the introduction of a completely new, technologically advanced range of water exercise equipment from Aqquatix and Okeo. We have also introduced a fantastic new range of technical exercise socks for gymnasiums, rehabilitation, the beach and the pool from Akkua.

In addition, our existing range of professional tools used by swim instructors such as kickboards, floating toys and sinking toys, have been improved and made more attractive and colorful.

New items like holed floating mats or floating slides have become must have equipment for most of the aquatic centres in order to provide better courses for babies and children. Browse our product catalogues for more information!

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